these are the issues that I will fight for in Topeka

Restoring trust in the political process

I vow to never take money from any corporate political action committee as long as I am running for political office.  I want my constituents to know that I am looking out for their welfare, not the profits of corporations.

Over the past several decades, public trust in our institutions has steadily eroded across all sectors – public, private, and non-profit. Constituents should be able to go about their daily lives knowing that the people who represent them are making decisions for the greater good and working to build better communities for us all. In today’s political environment, that is simply not the case, and has not been the case for a long time.

We need elected leaders who believe that a benevolent and transparent government plays a vital and beneficial role in peoples’ lives.  A government that protects the people it serves puts appropriate regulations in place on businesses acting in bad-faith, which rebuilds trust in private institutions as well.


High-quality public schools are among the most essential building blocks of any community, and it is unacceptable when regressive and poorly-planned policies from Topeka threaten the futures of our children and our community.

We must fund our schools, support our teachers, and ensure that every single child in this state has access to high-quality public education so that they are able to reach their potential.


The lower and middle classes are the engine of our economy, and an economy run only for the few can’t run for long.  We need policies that help the lower and middle classes because when those groups are thriving and spending, everybody benefits.  Governor Brownback’s harmful and regressive tax policies have shifted the tax burden to those with the least to spare, and we need to fight for a tax policy that will truly grow our economy.


It is our responsibility to be good stewards of this planet, and protecting our environment is necessary for all our livelihoods.  By investing in renewable energy, supporting companies who do take their environmental responsibilities seriously, and ensuring that the environmental laws and standards are abided by, we can start to reverse the effects of climate change.

Gun Safety

We need to demand more than just condolences from our legislators; we need to demand real action to enact real gun safety laws.  We need expanded background checks, longer waiting periods, and we need to treat gun violence like the public safety issue that it has become in our country.

Equal Rights

With the recently passed anti-LGBT adoption bill, the far-right in this state has signaled that they care more about discriminating than they care about the welfare of our children.

I will not stand for treating the LGBT community as anything but equals, and that includes working to repeal this bill as well as putting statewide anti-discrimination protections in place.

Net Neutrality

Free and open internet is critical to encourage competition. In a world without Net Neutrality, the companies that have already established market dominance will be able to slow innovation and investment, squeezing out start-ups and small businesses. I support what states like Montana have done in only spending taxpayer money on services with companies that commit to net neutrality.