Rui Xu

Be the change. Vote for change.

2018 is calling for fresh, progressive leadership in government who will fight for the future that this state and this country deserve.

About Me

I am running for state representative for the 25th District in Kansas because I believe that it is time for positive and progressive leadership in government.

At a time when trust in our elected officials is at an all-time low and cynicism is at an all-time high, we need officials in charge that constituents can trust with the future of the state.


Kansas needs new ideas and creative solutions to fix the budget shortfalls and education cuts that have come from years of bad policies. 

My ideas all stem from one root idea: a benevolent government acting on behalf of the people – and not corporate interests – will expand the middle class, spur economic growth, and improve quality of life.


In order to create a more positive and more progressive Kansas, we need YOUR help!  By reaching more potential voters, we can spread our message farther and more effectively!

District 25

The 25th District is home to more than 20,000 Kansans living in Westwood, Westwood Hills, Mission Woods, Roeland Park, Mission, Prairie Village, Fairway, and Mission Hills

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